Our mission will always be to provide people with pure seasonings that are healthy, unique and delicious.

Our commitment to a sustainable future means that we purchase and process your food responsible, develop new products that contribute to a balanced diet and help everyone to reduce food waste.

A lot that’s available in todays market is stuffed with chemicals, fillers, preservatives. We want to make low salt seasonings that are free from all this crap accessible for anyone around the world. The nutritional value of the seasonings is always top priority. We use pure spices and herbs to make sure our seasonings benefit your health.

Mister Flavor promises the best possible quality for their customers.

Mr. Flavor seasonings:

 100% natural and pure herbs, spices and ingredients

 No artificial colors, additives or preservatives

 No fillers, no sugar, no soy, no MSG and no GMO

Glute-free and low in salt (MF uses unprocessed sea salt)

Paleofriendly, suitable for vegetarians and special diets

 Made from the highest quality ingredients while maintaining taste and flavor